Ghostwriting & Screenwriting Services Q&A

An interview with our acclaimed author and ghostwriting specialist about our ghostwriting services…

Q: What is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a professional writer who gets compensated to write work on behalf of other people without necessarily receiving credit. Oftentimes, as in the case of E&M Ghostwriters & Screenwriters, a ghostwriter is commissioned to do a given piece of work, and does not participate in future royalties on the project, nor own the work’s copyright.

Q: What kinds of clients does E&M Ghostwriters & Screenwriters work with?

Sincerely, every kind under the sun. The leading conditions are that you (1) have specific content you’d like to work on (clients without ideas need not inquire) and (2) you are not promoting a hateful or amoral agenda of some kind. We also don’t do homework assignments. But beyond those conditions, we can handle everything from memoirs to novels to comedy screenplays to thrillers to inspirational speeches to eulogies. Never hesitate to inquire about any project, from the most mainstream to the most obscure. We’ve been at this for a decade and have helped thousands of people.

Q: What sets E&M Ghostwriters & Screenwriters apart?

In a word: “depth.” We furnish authentic pieces of intellectual property. Work that clients can be proud of. I often tell clients on the phone that they’ll get “the real thing.” That means work that’s characterized by richness and care. We won’t do anything thin or slight, unless (not kidding!) that’s precisely what you ask for.

Q: If a client needs a book/screenplay/speech done rapidly, can you help?

Of course! We can assign priority status to your project. The condition is, you have to pay more — typically double our basic rates. Once the deadline is set, it will not be swayed from unless disaster strikes! And if your proposed deadline is simply too tight given our existing obligations to other clients, we will provide realistic alternatives for you.

Q: When a book/screenplay is finished, can you help the client get an agent or a producer?

We cannot. As we make clear in our per-page disclaimer, we are strictly writers and editors. Agents work in a profession that is completely distinct from ours, with a distinct form of expertise. On this note, we also caution prospective clients against signing on with ghostwriting companies that promise to aid clients in selling completed works to the marketplace. Do your homework. Ask why, if the company has this ability, they’re not applying it to their own projects, generated in-house. Oftentimes, such abilities are exaggerated and such companies are scams. By playing fair, we tend to keep our client pool smart, sophisticated, level-headed, and entrepreneurial.