Speech writing by Expert Speechwriters

An interview with our acclaimed author and ghostwriting specialist about our speech writing services…

Q: What kind of speeches does E&M Ghostwriting Services work on?

Any kind. Every kind! We love speeches. We love hearing from our speech clients afterwards about how they brought the house down. Though don’t worry: If you’re looking for a somber, grounded speech, we won’t whip the audience up into a delirious frenzy! That in mind, whether it’s a speech for a party or other social event, or a business function of some kind, or even a political function, we’ve got the moves you require.

Q: Supposing a speech writing client needs to hold the room for a long time, perhaps exceeding half an hour?

Been there, done that. We can execute compelling lengthy speeches. They tend to be very sophisticated pieces of work from a structural standpoint, since there’s a need for the speech to carry from A to B to C and beyond. But if you’re scheduled to be giving an hour-long address at a business conference, we can pen a powerful speech to keep your audience enthralled. Just be prepared to furnish LOTS of content for us, be it through preliminary calls or emails.

Q: Supposing a speech writing client wants to get on and off the stage real fast, in a couple of minutes or less?

There is indeed a brand of client with this precise desire. Speeches aren’t really their thing, and everybody in the audience knows it, so a grand, sweeping address would seem out of whack. If brevity is the goal, we can certainly meet it — while still preserving the goal of a strong emotional impact. This doesn’t mean the speech has to soar to grandiose heights; emotion can be generated by way of nonchalance and understatement, too.

Q: Do your clients read their speeches from a print-out or actually memorize them?

Most of our clients read them, which works out well, since they’re written with extreme care and attention to detail. As long as good eye contact with the audience is maintained, then no red flags will be raised. Oftentimes, clients even like to cut the speech up with scissors and paste or tape it onto index cards, for the sake of not making the reading matter call attention to itself. Whatever the approach, reading is fine, and even encouraged if memorizing will cause undue stress.