Screenwriting Services by Expert Screenwriters

An interview with our acclaimed author and ghostwriting specialist about our screenwriting services…

Q: How can clients be certain that they’re in the best hands if they go with E&M Ghostwriting Services for their screenplays?

Simple. Ask us for a free custom sample. Don’t ask us for a sample of work we’ve already done, as (a) it’s probably guarded by a nondisclosure agreement and (b) it’s probably tonally different from what you’re looking for. So just shoot us a couple of sentences about your project, even going as far as to describe a given scene. Then we’ll write the scene and shoot it back to you. If you love it, great. If you don’t, great. We’re easy and we aim to please. And if you’re somewhere in between loving it and not loving it, just send over some editorial requests so we can work on shaping it to what you envision.

Q: Do you load up the screenplays you work on with detail on camerawork and other production aspects?

No. It’s a misconception that this is necessary. It’s often done for shooting scripts, and if that’s what you need done, we can certainly take excellent care of you. In general, though, unless you plan on directing the screenplay, we furnish strictly action and dialogue, perhaps with a small handful of camera details in between. This choice is in strict accordance with professional screenplay formatting guidelines.

Q: What, in your view, characterizes a good screenplay?

It’s a big issue and a complex question, but the defining characteristic tends to be that it has grip. It has to hold the reader, which in the case of a ghostwriting arrangement is initially the client, in the palm of its hand. That means that it’s operating on a proper level in terms of emotion, intellect, psychology, narrative, dialogue, and characterization. Naturally, the client’s preexisting material will guide the final work’s tone and impact to a huge extent, but the job of a ghostwriter is to maximize that material’s potential.

Q: Do you work with clients on screenplays that deal with popular characters, such as beloved comic book characters or ones from bestselling books?

No. We do not work on projects where the intellectual property rights are not freely available, and neither should any person on the street. Well-known characters from pop culture are owned by an assortment of large, established corporations. If such were not the case, then anybody could make a new Batman movie. If you have 100% original material that you wish to see executed in the form of an outstanding screenplay, give us a call now. You’ll be in the best of hands.