Memoir Writing Services

An interview with our acclaimed author and ghostwriting specialist about our memoir writing services…

Q: What kinds of clients approach E&M Ghostwriting Services for memoir writing?

It’s a mix between people who’d like their life story recorded for private reading — within the context of their friends and relatives and no one else — and those who’d like to furnish a manuscript that is suited for publication and sale to the general public.

Q: Are there differences between memoirs written for private consumption and memoirs written for public consumption?

Yes. The first kind of memoir can be more conversational in tone, and be furnished to sound just as though its subject were speaking the words. The second kind must be tuned to more literary values. In addition, privately-read memoirs can be shorter, since they mustn’t meet the word count demands of traditional publishers. On the other hand, now with ebooks accumulating so much popularity, word count demands are generally getting looser by the moment.

Q: Supposing that a memoir client wants to include negative information about living people in his or her work? Is that permissible?

Our standard contractual agreement contains a clause by which clients agree to accept full responsibility for any libel in the completed work. In other words, that means you’re accepting responsibility for your own truthfulness — or lack thereof. That said, it is prudent to consult with an experienced intellectual property or entertainment attorney when planning to furnish content that might be offensive to particular people. A qualified attorney will be able to advise you on the nuances of your particular situation.

Q: Can more than one person be interviewed for a given memoir? How about input from the “protagonist”’s friends and relatives?

Certainly! We can weave in other perspectives throughout the memoir. Most of it will be in the first-person, from the central figure’s point of view, but on occasion — in a different font — we can work in an aside that features the perspective of another person. Costs will rise in such a case, so we will plan accordingly.