Copywriting & Editing Services

An interview with our acclaimed author and ghostwriting specialist about our editing services…

Q: What sets E&M Ghostwriting Services apart from other editorial services?

For starters: Perfection is our goal. Many other editorial services are content to let one or two (or even a handful of) typos slip by. To us, this is unacceptable. We’re not here to make your document tidy; we’re here to make it sparkly clean.

Q: Have you ever encountered a document that was beyond repair?

No. If a document’s a complete mess, then a rewrite may be called for instead of an edit, so there are varying degrees of intensiveness. Many years ago, I attempted to outsource an editing assignment to a freelancer for assistance. It was an editor with whom I’d never worked before. He passed on the job — which paid reasonably well — because he said the writer was beyond his help. But I think the freelancer was the one who was beyond help. A good editor should have the skills to get in there and make any text work. Naturally, some text is in worse shape than other text, but there’s no sense in throwing an editing task to the wolves.

Q: How can a client be certain that you will do an outstanding job?

Simple: We give the clients oversight. We don’t edit an entire book or screenplay and then send it over to clients for review. We do it piece by piece and step by step, the better to ensure that the client can provide feedback and — ultimately — approval. The editorial process has to be a two-way street for it to yield effective results, and we don’t shut the door on client insight. Just because you’re hiring us for editorial expertise does not mean we’re going to be uninterested in your insights. Quite the contrary: We’re here to deliver the results that our clients want.