E&M Ghostwriting Services

From Nick, a client: “I appreciate all your help, and you guys are a ‘Class A’ ghostwriting company. I will, for sure, direct other people to you because your customer service was excellent. I hope we can do business again.”

Our Approach:

E&M Ghostwriting Services offers unparalleled meticulousness in ghostwriting and editorial services. Whether you’re in need of a completed book manuscript, screenplay, or speech, we offer the precise level of experience and acumen that you need to feel proud of the work product that you walk away with.

Our book manuscripts are characterized by crispness, speed, emotion, and intelligence. We dislike murk and we abhor slop. Whereas many ghostwriting services and freelance ghostwriters may offer some semblance of competence, we go in deeper, furnishing well-rounded, deeply felt, and authentically human pieces of work.

Our screenplays are characterized by the same commendable traits as our book manuscripts, while adhering to every aspect of professional screenplay formatting in the motion picture industry. Using professional screenwriting software, we ensure screenplays that look every bit as good as those crafted by industry pros. From a content perspective, we work to deliver your material in as deep, moving, and sophisticated a manner as possible (and as is appropriate for the work at hand).

As for our speeches, they tend to be jaw-droppers. We love the theatricality of a good speech, yet we approach the speechwriting craft with subtlety and nuance, the better to aid you in preparing a presentation that you can be proud of. In addition, our speeches are carefully structured to ensure a strong flow and a major emotional and/or informational impact.

No matter your desired tone, flavor, genre, or impact, E&M Ghostwriting Services has ample experience to do your project full justice. Contact us today to discuss receiving free samples, as well as pricing and deadline information.